Booklet: Tactical Games – Part 2




Booklet: Tactical Games – Part 2

Author: Peter Schreiner
Pages: 52
Graphics: 44

Tactical Games – Part 2

50 numbers-up games from 1v1 to 4v4

The second part of the “Tactical Games” is about position games with neutral players from 1 against 1 to 4 against 4, vary the number of “Jokers” and their position inside and outside the field. Help the players getting as many chances to score and then use them perfectly. With the tactical games of this book the following focal points can be coached:

Emphasis on the outnumbered team:

  • Competitive shooting training
  • Fast shifting from defence to attack
  • Intelligent running into space
  • Staying in ball possesion and securing the ball
  • Shifting side of play
  • Creating and using of space
  • Fast combination play

Focus on defensive players:

  • Fast and smart counter attack
  • Fast switching from defence to attacking
  • Skilful duel behaviour against outnumbered groups
  • Provoke mistakes of the attackers
  • Anticipate and intercept the balls

With the 50 tactical games Peter Schreiner gives you many ideas for a varied tactical training. They are well illustrated and contain important information about the organisation, the structure of the exercises, the procedures, possible variants, as well as additional tips and suggestions.

Overview of the exercises:

  • 11 exercises 1 v 1
  • 11 exercises 2 v 2
  • 13 exercises 3 v 3
  • 15 exercises 4 v 4

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