International Football Coaching Seminar KELME Bulgaria 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

BUCEPHAL SPORT MANAGEMENT organized International Football Coaching Seminar KELME Bulgaria 2022 in Sofia city.

Participation in the seminar made it possible to renew the validity of UEFA Pro, A, B, C football coaching licenses at the BFS. (Bulgarian Football Union).


Peter Schreiner

Петър Шраинер - треньор по футбол

He was a coach in amateur and youth football for over 25 years, including with the U19 team from FC Schalke. Football players who trained under his guidance are: Mesut Özil, Manuel Neuer, Julian Draxler, Benedikt Höwedes, Max Meyer, Leroy Sanéu … He is the author of many books and a speaker in over 25 countries. 

Ralf Jaser

Ралф Язер - треньор

Ralph Yaser is founder and CEO of Speedclub, developer of Speedmatrix. He has trained more than 17.000 sportsmen and coaches in various sports. He played football at the FC Augsburg and was a coach at TSV 1860 Munich for six years. He worked as a football lecturer at the Technical university of Munich and the Bavarian Football Association, Teheran, Japan, Dubai and USA. He lectured at Mainz 05, the Austrian, Bavarian and Saxony Football Association, the Conference of Track and Field Events, the Association of German Football Coaching, and many other events. He coaches numerous professional football players, and Olympic, European and German champions. He is also the coach of SportVision and combines training in visual and cognitive skills with sport-specific movements.

Philipp Dahm

Треньор Филип Дам

Philipp Dahm has been an individual trainer at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim since 2016. Specialty: individual and group tactical training. Speaker at the International Trainer Congress (ITK) in Kassel 2019.

Athanasios Terzis

Атанасиос Терзис - лектор, автор

Author of many books and international speaker, specializing in analysis of current technical and tactical trends in top clubs.