International Football Coaching Seminar Bulgaria 2018

Bucephal Sport Management organized an INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL COACHING SEMINAR BULGARIA on March 26th and 27th, 2018. During that seminar lecturers were German experts, employees of Bayern, Schalke 04 and Hannover 96, covering very interesting topics associated with the latest trends in training and methods of football game, such as: “Improving perception and prompt decision-making even in stressful situation using various drills and play forms”; Opportunities to overcome a deeply positioned opponent”; etc.

The seminar organized with the support of the football coaching school of BFS (Bulgarian Football Union) enabled renewal of the validity of the coaching licenses – UEFA Pro, A, B & C of the participants.

Международен футболен семинар

During Day 1 three topics related to the main goal of the seminar, improving visual perception and response during the game, were reviewed. Topic 1 was “Life Kinetik”- special training methods for improvement of perception, faster response, improved coordination and concentration, and many other cognitive and motoric skills. Topic 2 was „Deep Learning“ training methods for improvement of the functionality of both legs and intuitive response in a situation-one against one. Topic 3 has represented a training scheme “Exerlights” employed towards improvement of football intelligence by way of game patterns.

The second day was dedicated to the following topics: “Pass in the space behind the opponent’s back/ overcoming of defense lines and establishing goal score situations”, and “Tactics – play against a deeply positioned opponent”.


Peter Schreiner

Треньор по футбол Петър Шрайнер

He was a coach in amateur and youth football for over 25 years, including with the U19 team from FC Schalke. Football players who trained under his guidance are: Mesut Özil, Manuel Neuer, Julian Draxler, Benedikt Höwedes, Max Meyer, Leroy Sanéu … He is the author of many books and a speaker in over 25 countries. 

Matthias Nowak

Треньор Матиас Новак

Matthias Novak was responsible for creative technical training of the Academy of Bayern Munich for over eight years. Individual coach of professional football players and young sportsmen.

Steven Turek

Steven Turek is one of the young talented experts in Germany. Coach at the Hannover 96 Academy. Specialized in analysis and development of up-to-date fotball tactics arrangements. Lecturer at international football seminars in Dubai, Italy, Belgium and Slovakia.

Jens Lang

Jens Lang is one of the founders and main manager of Exerlights – one of a kind training system for improvement of football intelligence by way of paly patterns.

Nikolay Iliev

Николай Илиев

Nikolay Iliev is a sports specialist, graduate of the Sport University of Koln and holder of License UEFA A of the Koln Coaching School. He has been coaching at the football school of Bayer04 (Leverkusen) for almost eight years, two years as coach of a private German football boarding school (DFI- Deutsches   Fuβball Internat), three years as assistant coach of the second team of Duisburg (MSV Duisburg). At present, he is assistant coach of the men’s team of Schwarz-Weis Essen, also supporting training and development of football coaches in China.

Специалисти от Байерн и Шалке обучават родни кадри – Атанас Борносузов сред треньорите